My Giving Hands Massage Therapy


Adults with varying disabilities and challenges definitely need massage, and can benefit in many ways.  Massage offers quality attention with physical touch and sensitivity.  Massage loosens tightened muscles and stiff or immobile joints. It can help relieve pain and encourages the body to experience peace and comfort.  

Massage therapy can help some people not feel quite so alone.  You may think that everyone out there is afraid of you if you have something unusual that they see.   But you are as special as everyone else and deserve kind and giving touch.  

Massage therapy can help with circulation due to lack of exercise or being wheelchair bound.  Massage can help you feel all of your body not just the places that scream at you day and night.

I don’t claim to know much about what it is like to have disabilities but I do know the effect massage has had on many people from very old seniors to small kids.  I know that massage should be tried and experienced by anyone who has the courage to try it. Massage can communicate “everything is really okay and that life can be acceptable.”